Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer quick update

Summer at our house is in full swing!!!! Jared is in a Summer School class to help with reading. He has not had much of an issue about getting up and going but it is only two hours a day. He just had his tenth birthday and next weekend we are going to a Indians Baseball game to celebrate. I just can't believe he is ten. Jalen is in a summer school class as well we chose for him to do it so he can know out a P.E. credit and he will be able to take an elective class for a semester. It was only $25 and they are going on field trips once a week. Last week it was bowling and this week canoeing. He spends two hours in class and then the other two hours he goes to open gym for basketball. He would have been going to open gym anyway and its counting towards his credit so I think its a great decision. He is also training for football in the evenings. He is busy busy as well as working on scouting stuff too. Maddy is an 8th grade cheer leader so she is starting practice next week. We are still really crazy busy but I wouldn't change it. I love these kids like crazy!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not your typical Friday afternoon

Friday April 12, 2013 was your typical day at my house. All the kids were at school and Evan was hanging out with me. We were in the living room watching a kids show no doubt. Lounging in our pj's about to head out to get the kids from school. The dogs let me know they needed to go outside. So I get up and head to the back door to let them out. As I go to unlock the door our German Short haired pointer Zoey attacked me. And then attacked our other dog. I was in so much pain I started to panic. She would not stop attacking Hera. I broke a broom over her and everything as I am still having a panic attack. I just grabbed Evan, my keys, and a bag I knew had a jacket in it for Evan. I didn't even have shoes on my feet and no clue where my phone was. I did grab a pair of shoes at the last minute and ran out the door. I just had to get out of the house. I knew I was going to my mom's work. I was in such a panic I was shaking all over. As I was driving down 300 South our friend from Church who is on the Sheriffs department was going the opposite way. I flashed my headlights at him and then pulled over and he turned around. He than called Shane and followed me to my moms work. 
As I got my moms work I was still in a horrible panic. Her boss came out and thought something bad/criminal was going on since I had a sheriffs car following me. I was crying and sobbing. I was like oh no he is our friend. He stayed with Evan while I went into my mom. Everyone she works with were helping me. I was a mess. 
We decided I needed to go to the hospital and get checked out. I was almost certain my hand was broke and I had teeth marks all over it. I will still a mess and then they told me that I would have to be interviewed by animal control. I had already said that I wanted both dogs gone before I got home. I knew an interview would stress me out more. And the nurse told me I would have to make a police report. 
The lady from animal control was so caring and she told me since I was an adult and owned the dog a report didn't have to be taken. I chose not to but told her I wanted to surrender both dogs and wanted them gone before I got home from the hospital. She told me they could not come get them due to us living in the county and the county does not have a contract with them. Which totally ticks me off not about my situation but for those animals being dumped or neglected. They can not do anything about it because the county cannot come to an agreement with them. So anyway she told me I needed to think about my decision and not be rash in anything I decided. I am glad I did. 
They came back and said the hand wasn't broke and that I didn't need stitches. So I left the hospital. I did find out Hera wasn't dead and they were finally not fighting. I didn't know how I was going to handle going home. But I did and I had all the kids here except Maddy. They help comfort me more than they know and without doing anything to help. 
I was able to tell them that my mind was not changed on getting rid of Zoey. I couldn't handle the stress from her anymore. Jared took it really bad and hated me for my decision. We had to keep her in our bedroom and I didn't want to see her. I was pretty scared of her. 
Shane came home and he took me out for dinner and it was nice to just get away. But we knew what had to be done. And that Monday she left our home. The kids were sad but things are so calm with out her here. 
My Hera girl had a lot of battle wounds and she is still in the healing process. I am as well. I still have bite marks and one very sore finger. It will be two weeks tomorrow. Hera and I have bonded so much more since everything happened. I don't leave the house with out her. She is always right by my side. 
Its hard to have to make the decision we did but for our safety and the safety of those around us it was the right choice. As I was talking to Adams wife she told me he was heading to the jail when he passed me. He would have probably not have taken that route there that day but he felt that he had to go that way. And I am so grateful he did. He was a great help and so was she. She called me while I was still at the hospital. I had so many checking on me when they heard what happened. I just know I am very blessed. I will recover the pain in my hand will go away eventually. The pain in our hearts of losing a pet will go away. I know she wasn't a bad dog she just needs to be the only pet where all the attention will be given to her. I was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Homemade Fabric Softener!

I am trying to live more frugal and save my family money!! Couponing has been a new adventure for me and I am loving it. But I wanted to go further!! I learned how to make homemade fabric softener! Its so cheap to do. I buy either Suave or if whatever conditioner is on sale or I can get cheap with coupons. Less than a dollar. Then I buy a big jug of vinegar. And water!!!!! This takes a max of 5 minutes to make!!!

Another thing that is great to use with your laundry and to save money is to make your own dryer sheet!! Soak a washcloth in full strength liquid softener. Wring out excess, then lay out to dry first before using–helps prevent staining laundry the first time. To use: toss in the dryer and use again and again until it no longer works. Resoak when needed (you should be able to do a few dozen loads per soak). Just dont forget what your cloth looks like and fold it and put it up with the rest of your washclothes!

I have yet to make laundry detergent not because I think its too hard to make or because I don't want to you. Its because we have recently purchased the 5 gallon buckets of detergent that are popular fundraisers right now. I love these fundraisers because they are a really useful item unlike many other things that are fundraisers and they will not add inches to my hips!!!
I hope this blog helped someone!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

This pain will not last forever!!

This weekend I went to my very first Time out for Women!!!! AHHHHHHH It was so amazing!!! But anyway it was a very difficult weekend for me and I will get into that in a minute. But I am going to start with a little history lesson in the life of Stacy Dick.
It was a wonderful Friday night in September 2001!!! I was hanging out with my friends Carri, Jeri, and Jeri's boyfriend Scott. We had been at a football game and then we all met up at Arby's were we all worked.  We decided that we would get in Jeri's Ford Probe and go cruise Broad Street. Carri and I were in the back seat and Scott was driving. I was leaning forward and have my arms wrapped around the head rest of the drivers seat. I did not have my seat belt on. I was 19 and invincible....... So I thought! We pull out of Arby's and start going North on State Road 3 ( In New Castle). As we approach McDonald's a car pulls out in front of us and we T-bone them. I will forever remember this night.
This night I suffered some injuries but one injury was a back injury that I went through a lot doctors appointments and physical therapy. I had to take a leave of absence from my job because of this back injury and also had to leave my college classes because of this injury.
But this didn't magically go away in 2001 or 2002 or 2003..... I have battled issues with it every year since then.. Its not always extreme but I have problems with it a lot.
Well this week has been an extreme week. Last Saturday (3/16) Jalen played in 3 on 3 tourney at Eastern Hancock. I was sitting on the bleachers all day. The next day, Sunday, I woke up feeling blah and had a migraine and maybe a little bit of a back ache. BUT Monday it came on strong and also along came a lovely little sweet (NOT) kidney stone. Which landed me in the hospital. I came home early Tuesday morning and had some medicine to help me but Shane was leaving to go back to work and I was on full time mom and babysitter duty. UMMM I don't get a day off. So medicine was minimal but the pain was not. The back pain has been so extreme. It hurt so bad that when I didn't have anything to do I was on the couch laying down. Laying helps the best. Sitting hurts the worst. Maddy and Jalen have been on dinner duty. Thursday I went to the chiropractor and also on Friday. It really didn't help much. Laying down is what is the best for me but I am the mom of 3 VERY active kids and I also have a job to do. Also I had a trip that Maddy and I were going on to prepare for.
The trip was a night away for Time Out for Women/Girls in Indy with my friend Nancy and her daughter Katie. Now with the issue with my back I know I should have backed out but I needed to go to this and I am so glad I did I was so blessed by my experience. I walked a lot and sat a lot and my body is letting me know today that it's not liking me for it but I will recover.
D. Kelly Ogden made an amazing statement in his talk yesterday morning. He was talking about going to the dentist and hated when the dentist drilled his teeth. He then started thinking that it wouldn't last forever. That he will not always have to get his teeth drilled or go to the dentist. When he passes on to eternity he will never have to face the dentist drill. Then he went to say that pain is not eternal. There will not be in pain in Heaven.
When I get to the other side I will never have deal with back pain from a car wreck that happened when I was 19. But this pain I am feeling right now will go away in a couple days or weeks or months. I don't know but the attacks I have had before haven't lasted forever. I will have pain free days in the future. I will continue to pray and believe in faith and know I am promised better days!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013


So I am sitting here at the computer thinking I need to make a post on my blog. Its been awhile I really have no clue how long... But what do I write about? Do I write about that people I attend church probably think I have fallen off the face of the Earth or I have decided to go inactive. Do I write about the crazy sickness that has invaded my house. Do I write about all the other crazy things that have over came my life the last month........... 
I know Heavenly Father will not give me more than I can handle but sometimes I wonder why I am given the trials I am. I sit here and wonder why my child is dealing with what he is or why my family is going through this issue or that issue but I know we could be so much worse of. 
I was asked to be on a committee to help children in my children's school who are going hungry. Who do not get food from the time they leave school till they walk back in the doors the next morning. There are 61 kids that have applied for the program to receive food in their back packs. This is a lot of kids especially for the size of the school my kids go to. My kids will complain that they don't have food to eat here but they do its just not what they WANT to eat but they do not go hungry. I want them to realize this that there are kids in their community that are going hungry. I want to make a difference in this situation.
I have a friend that runs a clothing pantry in southern Henry county. This pantry is available for people that need clothing. This is something I take for granted and I do not want to take this for granted is having clothes on my back and in my closet. She is in dire need of clothes and help. So why cant I spare clothes I have? Why not my time? Why can't my kids spare some of their clothes? So I will make a difference in this situation as well!!!!
I know people are dealing with horrible sicknesses and I pray daily for those that I know that need my prayers. I know that there are so many that are so much worse off than I am right now so I am going to stand tall and carry this heavy load with faith that I will get through the trials! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

I will be strong one day!!!

Well I feel like such a slacker especially when it comes to my blog...... I really had high hopes for this thing but maybe I can get back on track with that... I see all these cool blogs and I am like I sooo wish I was that talented. Oh maybe one day I will be that good at my blogging and people will be like have you read STACY DICK'S blog.... Well it is a good dream!!!!!! Well where do I begin in the craziness of the busy mom. I might jump around a little and things will not be in order of when they happened but wanted to add them.

Four weeks ago I started getting these crazy migraines....... Every day I get a migraine and it sure does stink. So I am treated for migraines already and I do take a migraine blocker medicine every day but obviously that  isn't working. I am also prescribed a medicine for my migraines when I do get them. My insurance will only pay for 9 pills a month and I take two at the onset of a migraine. Well that lasts me 4 migraines with one pill left over. When these started the medicine didn't last a week. So I have tried so much to try to help me. I was supposed to have electrode therapy at the my chiropractor yesterday to see if that would help but Jared and I both came down with the stomach flu...... I had to cancel...... So we will try that Tuesday! I am praying it helps. (If you are reading this PLEASE keep me in your prayers). 

Well we survived another election for Commander in Chief of this Nation. It may not have turned out like we were hoping but we survived and I think I prayed more about this election then I have for any other in my life. I love the Romney family and I feel that given the chance that Mitt would have done great but its all part of the Master Plan. I was so disappointed when I heard the results but then I got to thinking that Heavenly Father has all control. I feel that the Romney's have greater things to do and President was not part of them. 

General Conference!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I love General Conference. This was my third one and wow what an amazing conference it was. It really got me thinking about things but one was for sure when President Monson stood at the beginning and made the BIG announcement about the age changes in missionary service. 18 years old for boys and 19 for girls. I am so excited our church and the many new opportunities for missionaries. More girls will be serving!!! I personally know of 3 girls who have put their papers in and I am soo excited for them!!! I cannot wait to hear where they will be serving. Then I started thinking about my kids. Jalen can serve in 4 years and Maddy in 6. Jalen can be called as soon as he graduates high school!!!!!  I have possibly 4 years left to teach him so much then send him off for 2 years. Scary and exciting at the same time. I KNOW IT. I LIVE IT. I LOVE IT. This is my new motto from General Conference. Thank you Sister Ann M. Dibb. 

The Temple!!!!!! I went to the temple for the first time November 3, 2012. I love the Temple!!! The most amazing place on Earth!!! 

So Shane took a load out west..... Salt Lake City to be exact!!!! I was jealous!!!! First I was jealous because I wanna be there!!! Second he met the Wilson Family!!! Third I need a vacation!!!  The Wilson family, Alan, Candy, Sarah, Jaron, and Luke were so sweet to him. They took him on a tour of Temple Square and out to dinner. They are a great family!!! They have two sons serving missions Peter here in Indiana and Zach in Montana. Peter is a little (well a lot) special to our family. If you see any of my previous blogs he is there.  Also on this trip he had to go to Idaho where he just happened to run into Jantzen Pahl another special person to the Dick family!!!! Like I have said before I was a little jealous...... He is still gone but glad he saw special places and very special people. I will see them soon!!!!

The day Shane left for Salt Lake my van blew up..... Well kinda blew up not sure what happened but it wasn't good.... I need a new van like yesterday.... Hopefully we can get one within the week. 

I have a new love its saving money. I coupon now and found some really good deals. I am starting to stockpile. Nothing major but I know that its good to have food storage which I am working on too and feel like its a must right now. I am also feeling led to teach others about finding good deals, meal planning, and etc. Not sure how that will come about if I will do it face to face or internet or both or really where I am heading. I am just thinking about it right now. I just want to be a blessing to others.

So this is a lot of rambling and I feel like that is how my life has been lately with little pops of cool or crazy things thrown in. I wanna be a better person and I am working on that. I was reading a blog yesterday and a very dear person to my heart had sent a verse to this person in an email. He sent it for her while she was making a huge decision in her life (Love you Hailey). He probably never thought I would see it or it would impact me the way it did when I looked the verse up in the Book of Mormon. I love you Elder Wood even though you may never see this or you won't see this till June 2013. But you are so amazing to me and continue to touch my life and you don't even realize it!!! But anyway here is the verse!!
Ether 12:27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them theiraweakness. I bgive unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my cgrace is sufficient for all men that dhumble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make eweak things become strong unto them.

I am so weak on my own and if it wasn't for Heavenly Father there to guide and strengthen me where would I be. I am so Thankful for all that I have learned about myself in the last year and half and what I am still learning. I may not be the perfect mom that has it all together all the time but I am trying my hardest to be the best I can be for my loves. Life can be tough and I gotta humble myself before Heavenly Father and have FAITH that it will all work out.... I will be strong one day!!!! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New School Year and New Life

I am three weeks post surgery and I feel great!!! After two months of being constantly sick and not getting to enjoy the summer with my kids. And the major disappointment of not going on vacation with my kids..... That was not a very high point of my summer. But I am feeling much better. I was released from the surgeon this week and I am back to my work out. I just feel so much better.
The kids went back to school on August 2nd. I hate that we didn't get to spend more time together especially after my surgery. But things with going back to school have been a smooth transition. Jalen is in 8th grade. I am still coming to grips with the fact that he will be 14 in a week. But he is doing awesome and he will be playing his second year in junior high football this fall.
Maddy is in 7th grade and seems to be doing good. She learned a very tough and valuable lesson yesterday. Her and Jalen got in the van after practices and Jalen looked at her and said Maddy do you pass notes at school and she said no. And he said are you sure about that? She said yea. Well Jalen pulled out a note that was in her hand writing signed by Maddy.... LESSON LEARNED: She will be in the same school as him for the next 5 years. If your gonna pass notes make sure you don't drop them on the floor where your brother will find them.
She is a cheerleader and will be cheering for her brother for football this fall. She is also playing volleyball this year. She is going to keep me busy. She is 12 now it is so hard to believe. Time doesn't seem to slow down any.
Jared is 9 how just seems like yesterday he was born and fighting just to stay on this earth. He is in 3rd grade again this year but we are very up beat about it and he has a great teacher and its going to be a great year. He is in martial arts and he loves it!!! It is probably a good thing he goes to a great school and we just love all the teachers!!! We are very happy with our decision on placing him in the school we did. He goes to class twice a week.
Lis is 20, oh my goodness, 20 how is this possible. She is going in her 3rd year at Purdue. She is a manager at a gym up there. She just moved into an apartment.We are so proud of her. We miss her so much though :(
We stay so busy and but this is our life and wouldn't change it for a minute. Our life is our life. We manage it very well. Shane is going back to driving a truck over the road tomorrow. I guess this is what Heavenly Father has planned for our family right now. I know there was a reason he was home the last month or so. There was no way I could have made it through this sickness without him. I had times I just had to go lay down and sleep. He was my biggest support. I so thankful for my parents, grandparents, and sister and church family that will help me get through this transition with him going over the road again. I am pretty much becoming a single mom M-F. Its hard very hard especially with 3 VERY active kids plus 3 extras. We will make it we have in the past and will now. I just need to take my ME time and do something for my self every  once and a while.