Monday, January 28, 2013


So I am sitting here at the computer thinking I need to make a post on my blog. Its been awhile I really have no clue how long... But what do I write about? Do I write about that people I attend church probably think I have fallen off the face of the Earth or I have decided to go inactive. Do I write about the crazy sickness that has invaded my house. Do I write about all the other crazy things that have over came my life the last month........... 
I know Heavenly Father will not give me more than I can handle but sometimes I wonder why I am given the trials I am. I sit here and wonder why my child is dealing with what he is or why my family is going through this issue or that issue but I know we could be so much worse of. 
I was asked to be on a committee to help children in my children's school who are going hungry. Who do not get food from the time they leave school till they walk back in the doors the next morning. There are 61 kids that have applied for the program to receive food in their back packs. This is a lot of kids especially for the size of the school my kids go to. My kids will complain that they don't have food to eat here but they do its just not what they WANT to eat but they do not go hungry. I want them to realize this that there are kids in their community that are going hungry. I want to make a difference in this situation.
I have a friend that runs a clothing pantry in southern Henry county. This pantry is available for people that need clothing. This is something I take for granted and I do not want to take this for granted is having clothes on my back and in my closet. She is in dire need of clothes and help. So why cant I spare clothes I have? Why not my time? Why can't my kids spare some of their clothes? So I will make a difference in this situation as well!!!!
I know people are dealing with horrible sicknesses and I pray daily for those that I know that need my prayers. I know that there are so many that are so much worse off than I am right now so I am going to stand tall and carry this heavy load with faith that I will get through the trials! 

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