Sunday, March 24, 2013

This pain will not last forever!!

This weekend I went to my very first Time out for Women!!!! AHHHHHHH It was so amazing!!! But anyway it was a very difficult weekend for me and I will get into that in a minute. But I am going to start with a little history lesson in the life of Stacy Dick.
It was a wonderful Friday night in September 2001!!! I was hanging out with my friends Carri, Jeri, and Jeri's boyfriend Scott. We had been at a football game and then we all met up at Arby's were we all worked.  We decided that we would get in Jeri's Ford Probe and go cruise Broad Street. Carri and I were in the back seat and Scott was driving. I was leaning forward and have my arms wrapped around the head rest of the drivers seat. I did not have my seat belt on. I was 19 and invincible....... So I thought! We pull out of Arby's and start going North on State Road 3 ( In New Castle). As we approach McDonald's a car pulls out in front of us and we T-bone them. I will forever remember this night.
This night I suffered some injuries but one injury was a back injury that I went through a lot doctors appointments and physical therapy. I had to take a leave of absence from my job because of this back injury and also had to leave my college classes because of this injury.
But this didn't magically go away in 2001 or 2002 or 2003..... I have battled issues with it every year since then.. Its not always extreme but I have problems with it a lot.
Well this week has been an extreme week. Last Saturday (3/16) Jalen played in 3 on 3 tourney at Eastern Hancock. I was sitting on the bleachers all day. The next day, Sunday, I woke up feeling blah and had a migraine and maybe a little bit of a back ache. BUT Monday it came on strong and also along came a lovely little sweet (NOT) kidney stone. Which landed me in the hospital. I came home early Tuesday morning and had some medicine to help me but Shane was leaving to go back to work and I was on full time mom and babysitter duty. UMMM I don't get a day off. So medicine was minimal but the pain was not. The back pain has been so extreme. It hurt so bad that when I didn't have anything to do I was on the couch laying down. Laying helps the best. Sitting hurts the worst. Maddy and Jalen have been on dinner duty. Thursday I went to the chiropractor and also on Friday. It really didn't help much. Laying down is what is the best for me but I am the mom of 3 VERY active kids and I also have a job to do. Also I had a trip that Maddy and I were going on to prepare for.
The trip was a night away for Time Out for Women/Girls in Indy with my friend Nancy and her daughter Katie. Now with the issue with my back I know I should have backed out but I needed to go to this and I am so glad I did I was so blessed by my experience. I walked a lot and sat a lot and my body is letting me know today that it's not liking me for it but I will recover.
D. Kelly Ogden made an amazing statement in his talk yesterday morning. He was talking about going to the dentist and hated when the dentist drilled his teeth. He then started thinking that it wouldn't last forever. That he will not always have to get his teeth drilled or go to the dentist. When he passes on to eternity he will never have to face the dentist drill. Then he went to say that pain is not eternal. There will not be in pain in Heaven.
When I get to the other side I will never have deal with back pain from a car wreck that happened when I was 19. But this pain I am feeling right now will go away in a couple days or weeks or months. I don't know but the attacks I have had before haven't lasted forever. I will have pain free days in the future. I will continue to pray and believe in faith and know I am promised better days!!!!

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