Monday, April 1, 2013

Homemade Fabric Softener!

I am trying to live more frugal and save my family money!! Couponing has been a new adventure for me and I am loving it. But I wanted to go further!! I learned how to make homemade fabric softener! Its so cheap to do. I buy either Suave or if whatever conditioner is on sale or I can get cheap with coupons. Less than a dollar. Then I buy a big jug of vinegar. And water!!!!! This takes a max of 5 minutes to make!!!

Another thing that is great to use with your laundry and to save money is to make your own dryer sheet!! Soak a washcloth in full strength liquid softener. Wring out excess, then lay out to dry first before using–helps prevent staining laundry the first time. To use: toss in the dryer and use again and again until it no longer works. Resoak when needed (you should be able to do a few dozen loads per soak). Just dont forget what your cloth looks like and fold it and put it up with the rest of your washclothes!

I have yet to make laundry detergent not because I think its too hard to make or because I don't want to you. Its because we have recently purchased the 5 gallon buckets of detergent that are popular fundraisers right now. I love these fundraisers because they are a really useful item unlike many other things that are fundraisers and they will not add inches to my hips!!!
I hope this blog helped someone!!!

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