Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer quick update

Summer at our house is in full swing!!!! Jared is in a Summer School class to help with reading. He has not had much of an issue about getting up and going but it is only two hours a day. He just had his tenth birthday and next weekend we are going to a Indians Baseball game to celebrate. I just can't believe he is ten. Jalen is in a summer school class as well we chose for him to do it so he can know out a P.E. credit and he will be able to take an elective class for a semester. It was only $25 and they are going on field trips once a week. Last week it was bowling and this week canoeing. He spends two hours in class and then the other two hours he goes to open gym for basketball. He would have been going to open gym anyway and its counting towards his credit so I think its a great decision. He is also training for football in the evenings. He is busy busy as well as working on scouting stuff too. Maddy is an 8th grade cheer leader so she is starting practice next week. We are still really crazy busy but I wouldn't change it. I love these kids like crazy!!!

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