Saturday, August 11, 2012

New School Year and New Life

I am three weeks post surgery and I feel great!!! After two months of being constantly sick and not getting to enjoy the summer with my kids. And the major disappointment of not going on vacation with my kids..... That was not a very high point of my summer. But I am feeling much better. I was released from the surgeon this week and I am back to my work out. I just feel so much better.
The kids went back to school on August 2nd. I hate that we didn't get to spend more time together especially after my surgery. But things with going back to school have been a smooth transition. Jalen is in 8th grade. I am still coming to grips with the fact that he will be 14 in a week. But he is doing awesome and he will be playing his second year in junior high football this fall.
Maddy is in 7th grade and seems to be doing good. She learned a very tough and valuable lesson yesterday. Her and Jalen got in the van after practices and Jalen looked at her and said Maddy do you pass notes at school and she said no. And he said are you sure about that? She said yea. Well Jalen pulled out a note that was in her hand writing signed by Maddy.... LESSON LEARNED: She will be in the same school as him for the next 5 years. If your gonna pass notes make sure you don't drop them on the floor where your brother will find them.
She is a cheerleader and will be cheering for her brother for football this fall. She is also playing volleyball this year. She is going to keep me busy. She is 12 now it is so hard to believe. Time doesn't seem to slow down any.
Jared is 9 how just seems like yesterday he was born and fighting just to stay on this earth. He is in 3rd grade again this year but we are very up beat about it and he has a great teacher and its going to be a great year. He is in martial arts and he loves it!!! It is probably a good thing he goes to a great school and we just love all the teachers!!! We are very happy with our decision on placing him in the school we did. He goes to class twice a week.
Lis is 20, oh my goodness, 20 how is this possible. She is going in her 3rd year at Purdue. She is a manager at a gym up there. She just moved into an apartment.We are so proud of her. We miss her so much though :(
We stay so busy and but this is our life and wouldn't change it for a minute. Our life is our life. We manage it very well. Shane is going back to driving a truck over the road tomorrow. I guess this is what Heavenly Father has planned for our family right now. I know there was a reason he was home the last month or so. There was no way I could have made it through this sickness without him. I had times I just had to go lay down and sleep. He was my biggest support. I so thankful for my parents, grandparents, and sister and church family that will help me get through this transition with him going over the road again. I am pretty much becoming a single mom M-F. Its hard very hard especially with 3 VERY active kids plus 3 extras. We will make it we have in the past and will now. I just need to take my ME time and do something for my self every  once and a while.

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