Friday, November 16, 2012

I will be strong one day!!!

Well I feel like such a slacker especially when it comes to my blog...... I really had high hopes for this thing but maybe I can get back on track with that... I see all these cool blogs and I am like I sooo wish I was that talented. Oh maybe one day I will be that good at my blogging and people will be like have you read STACY DICK'S blog.... Well it is a good dream!!!!!! Well where do I begin in the craziness of the busy mom. I might jump around a little and things will not be in order of when they happened but wanted to add them.

Four weeks ago I started getting these crazy migraines....... Every day I get a migraine and it sure does stink. So I am treated for migraines already and I do take a migraine blocker medicine every day but obviously that  isn't working. I am also prescribed a medicine for my migraines when I do get them. My insurance will only pay for 9 pills a month and I take two at the onset of a migraine. Well that lasts me 4 migraines with one pill left over. When these started the medicine didn't last a week. So I have tried so much to try to help me. I was supposed to have electrode therapy at the my chiropractor yesterday to see if that would help but Jared and I both came down with the stomach flu...... I had to cancel...... So we will try that Tuesday! I am praying it helps. (If you are reading this PLEASE keep me in your prayers). 

Well we survived another election for Commander in Chief of this Nation. It may not have turned out like we were hoping but we survived and I think I prayed more about this election then I have for any other in my life. I love the Romney family and I feel that given the chance that Mitt would have done great but its all part of the Master Plan. I was so disappointed when I heard the results but then I got to thinking that Heavenly Father has all control. I feel that the Romney's have greater things to do and President was not part of them. 

General Conference!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I love General Conference. This was my third one and wow what an amazing conference it was. It really got me thinking about things but one was for sure when President Monson stood at the beginning and made the BIG announcement about the age changes in missionary service. 18 years old for boys and 19 for girls. I am so excited our church and the many new opportunities for missionaries. More girls will be serving!!! I personally know of 3 girls who have put their papers in and I am soo excited for them!!! I cannot wait to hear where they will be serving. Then I started thinking about my kids. Jalen can serve in 4 years and Maddy in 6. Jalen can be called as soon as he graduates high school!!!!!  I have possibly 4 years left to teach him so much then send him off for 2 years. Scary and exciting at the same time. I KNOW IT. I LIVE IT. I LOVE IT. This is my new motto from General Conference. Thank you Sister Ann M. Dibb. 

The Temple!!!!!! I went to the temple for the first time November 3, 2012. I love the Temple!!! The most amazing place on Earth!!! 

So Shane took a load out west..... Salt Lake City to be exact!!!! I was jealous!!!! First I was jealous because I wanna be there!!! Second he met the Wilson Family!!! Third I need a vacation!!!  The Wilson family, Alan, Candy, Sarah, Jaron, and Luke were so sweet to him. They took him on a tour of Temple Square and out to dinner. They are a great family!!! They have two sons serving missions Peter here in Indiana and Zach in Montana. Peter is a little (well a lot) special to our family. If you see any of my previous blogs he is there.  Also on this trip he had to go to Idaho where he just happened to run into Jantzen Pahl another special person to the Dick family!!!! Like I have said before I was a little jealous...... He is still gone but glad he saw special places and very special people. I will see them soon!!!!

The day Shane left for Salt Lake my van blew up..... Well kinda blew up not sure what happened but it wasn't good.... I need a new van like yesterday.... Hopefully we can get one within the week. 

I have a new love its saving money. I coupon now and found some really good deals. I am starting to stockpile. Nothing major but I know that its good to have food storage which I am working on too and feel like its a must right now. I am also feeling led to teach others about finding good deals, meal planning, and etc. Not sure how that will come about if I will do it face to face or internet or both or really where I am heading. I am just thinking about it right now. I just want to be a blessing to others.

So this is a lot of rambling and I feel like that is how my life has been lately with little pops of cool or crazy things thrown in. I wanna be a better person and I am working on that. I was reading a blog yesterday and a very dear person to my heart had sent a verse to this person in an email. He sent it for her while she was making a huge decision in her life (Love you Hailey). He probably never thought I would see it or it would impact me the way it did when I looked the verse up in the Book of Mormon. I love you Elder Wood even though you may never see this or you won't see this till June 2013. But you are so amazing to me and continue to touch my life and you don't even realize it!!! But anyway here is the verse!!
Ether 12:27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them theiraweakness. I bgive unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my cgrace is sufficient for all men that dhumble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make eweak things become strong unto them.

I am so weak on my own and if it wasn't for Heavenly Father there to guide and strengthen me where would I be. I am so Thankful for all that I have learned about myself in the last year and half and what I am still learning. I may not be the perfect mom that has it all together all the time but I am trying my hardest to be the best I can be for my loves. Life can be tough and I gotta humble myself before Heavenly Father and have FAITH that it will all work out.... I will be strong one day!!!! 


  1. You do realize that Ether 12:27 is part of my raccoon tattoo, right? ^_^ Look at it on Facebook.

  2. Now that you said that I do realize that now!!!!! I love that verse and after I posted this I began reading scriptures and He sent me straight to all the ones about being humble... HMMM I have some work to do